Kindle screensavers: Oliver Queen, Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)

Did you know that you can jailbreak your Kindle to allow for custom screensavers? I didn’t until Rocky told me. So yay! Much thanks to Rocky for letting me know of this vital piece of information 😀 Why is it vital? Because while I absolutely adore my Kindle, I’m not a big fan of most of the stock screensavers. (Let’s face it: the Emily Dickinson portrait is really creepy.) I wanted to take the easy way and just download the screensavers that other people have made but the main source for these screensavers is a Tumblr blog and I hate navigating through a Tumblr blog. End result? I made my own! 😀 I’ll be doing a series of entries featuring the screensavers I made from various promotional images and covers. Some of the screensavers I made (and am currently using) were based on other people’s fanart but I won’t be sharing those because it feels weird to be sharing derivative works without the other guy’s permission.

First up: Oliver Queen and Chloe Sullivan from Smallville (Chlollie represent!)

Yes, I get Justin Hartley's hotness on my Kindle!


10 Replies to “Kindle screensavers: Oliver Queen, Chloe Sullivan (Smallville)”

  1. Ha! When I googled “kindle custom screensavers” I didn’t think I’d come up with a blogger who’d spent so much time in the most amazing place in Asia – Palawan! Nice blog – look forward to reading more…

    1. Hellooooo! 😀 Welcome welcome! 😀 You most probably ended up here from the Chlollie LJ comm since I also posted these screensavers there. I also recognize your username from the comm 🙂

  2. Yeah, that must be it. 😀

    Sorry, but I can’t recall seeing this username there though… Is it the same one you use? I’d like to add you up there, if that’s okay. 🙂

      1. Oh. That’s you. 😀 I should have remembered from the underwater photos…

        Already added you up before. Either way, it’s nice coming across you here. 🙂

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